Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I'm Finishing 2014 with Sparkle:Ready to Enter 2015 with Glimmer

I have taken some wisdom from my sister and cohort in web projects on changes she's making. I won't be doing web design except on personal projects and working on graphics. I will be working some with her on design and graphics of the new site that will replace Country Whispers. I sense it's time for a change. I am looking forward to sharing information here to help you stay oh top of social media and challenges of growing in your niche/business in your corner of the world. I hope we can support and help one another in a big way.

I'm still loving web design, graphics, social media, niche and business building helps
I will be making available some great tools for the web that are fantastic.
 I may in time offer some graphics for sale.
I enjoy sharing information to help you in building your niche and business with enjoyment and flare

In a week or so I will be having a new facebook name for my facebook page as well. Yippee!
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