Thursday, December 25, 2014

Here's to Hoping Your Christmas Was the Best

I hope your Christmas was totally awesome! 
Did you have an awesome time with family or friends?
I'd love to hear about it.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Make Those Pictures, Social Media and Instagram Images Glisten

Whether your a newbie at doing photos for your facebook, instagram or other social media let PicMonkey help you do some 
awesome things with your photos. 
Need some help? 
Ask me and I'll do my best to give you a hand.
But do get started with 
your PicMonkey Royale today!!

I'm Finishing 2014 with Sparkle:Ready to Enter 2015 with Glimmer

I have taken some wisdom from my sister and cohort in web projects on changes she's making. I won't be doing web design except on personal projects and working on graphics. I will be working some with her on design and graphics of the new site that will replace Country Whispers. I sense it's time for a change. I am looking forward to sharing information here to help you stay oh top of social media and challenges of growing in your niche/business in your corner of the world. I hope we can support and help one another in a big way.

I'm still loving web design, graphics, social media, niche and business building helps
I will be making available some great tools for the web that are fantastic.
 I may in time offer some graphics for sale.
I enjoy sharing information to help you in building your niche and business with enjoyment and flare

In a week or so I will be having a new facebook name for my facebook page as well. Yippee!
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Have You Changed Your Password Lately

My good friend, Jo Barnes at Online Marketing Addicts and the best in social media/social marketing training who help in teaching me what I know had her youtube hacked and taken down. It's through no fault of hers. Someone decided it would be a fun game to pick someone to post crap on her site.
Jo Barnes has a powerful and positive reputation for helping others succeed. 

The web isn't getting any better and there are those who want to cause trouble no matter how severe. To many it's a game they enjoy and they have no thought if they hurt anyone in the process. Which brings me to an important item we never should overlook. I'm just as guilty of not doing this frequently enough. 
Change Your Passwords Frequently! Don't enable game players to use your account to reek havoc.
If you haven't changed your passwords on your online accounts for awhile, today might be a good day to do so. And do it frequently.. 

Here's a great article on staying safe online. Hongkiat offers a way to test your password strength and more.

Stay safe and change your passwords frequently.